Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Summer 2012

  Once the kids were done with school, Summer officially began!  Here is Brigham graduating from Kindergarten.  Ashtyn finished up 5th grade and Haylee said goodbye to 3rd.
With Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Johnson

 The sunglasses were too cute!

We spent a lot of time on Grandma and Grandpa's farm.  Fishing with the McNairs was a lot of fun.
 The kids love to ride the horses and feed them through the fence.  I don't think the horses mind that part either.
 Ashtyn goes with Grandpa a lot during the summer to help with cows on the mountain.  She really enjoys this and has gotten close to her Grandpa.  She can handle all of his jokes.  :)

 Brigham lost a tooth, the first of many!
 Scott and I took off for my Birthday and went to Lagoon all by ourselves.  We had a lot of fun.
 We took the kids camping several times.
 We did a few Paparazzi events.  This one was at Rigby Lake.
 We jumped on the trampoline and hung out in the back yard.  
 We went to drive in movies
 and welcomed our new niece, Emri
 Of course we went to Rigby Lake a few times and always had a blast.

 We had barbeques with the fam
 and had our own Olympic party where we ran the torch from Logan's house to Grandma's then tried to take a photo of all the kids.  Macy was not happy like usual.

 We had some great FHEs

 Hit the 4th of July Parade and Fat Cats a few times.

All in all, it was a successful summer!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

May 2012

 I know I am super behind.  One month at a time I will try to catch up.  May was an eventful month.  Brigham played soccer.  It was freezing pretty much at every game, but he really like it.
 We branded cows which happens every year in May.  We make it a family affair.  This year the kids would help make sure the calves got to the right place and stayed there.
 We all played a roll.  I vaccinated, Scott kicked in calves and we even had Brittni shaving where the brand goes.  It is a lot of fun when the family works together to help Dad out.

 Our gift to my Mom's Birthday was a girl's weekend in Vegas.  We had a blast!
 We got pedi's
 We went to the show Le Rev

I'm thinking we might want to make this tradition.  It was fun to hang with my Mom and Sisters without the kids to distract us. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

{Sweet 60}

The party did not stop with the Easter egg hunt this year.  We had more in store!  My mom's birthday isn't until next month but we were all in town and her big 60 is coming up so Dad suggested we throw a surprise party for her.  This party took months of planning and hours and hours of prep but it was well worth all the effort to honor our lovely, talented, clever Mom.  What a better way to do it than to throw her a "Sweet 60th" party where the them was sweets...candy, candy and more candy.  This is not easy to do when we had to take our clever, talented Mom out of the equation.  All of us together equals one of our Mom.  Seriously.

 My little sister, Ashlee made this amazing cake all by herself.  Isn't it awesome!  That girl has some skillz which came in handy for this party. 
 Kelli and I were in charge of decor.  We went shopping and saw the black and white party supplies and knew it was our Mom to the T.  We added some fun candy flare (if you look close the utensils are wrapped with candy bracelets, the centerpieces are dum dum suckers) and of course you have to have the new fun paper straws.  Thank heavens for Pinterest is all we can say!
 Here comes the lady of the night unknowingly walking into her 60th birthday surprise party.  She thought she was coming to Michelle's house for dinner to celebrate Jeremy's bday that was the day before. (how convenient)  Dad had taken her to Billings, MT to buy bulls on Thursday and Friday and get her out of our hair so we could put the party together.  :)
 Here she is admiring her "sweets" table.
 We ate dinner
 then gathered for a program we had put together.
 We came up with 60 different candy items and made up sayings about her or our memories that went along with the candy name.  Here is Michelle talking about picking raspberries with Mom.  Love the typical raspberry bucket tied around her waste.  Other favorites were "You make a great Relief Society "pezident" that came with a pez dispenser.                       Jolly Rancher=You have been a great example for marriage having been married to a "jolly rancher" for nearly 41 years!
Slo Poke= Ummm....we think you know!
 After the program she got a group hug from the grandkids.
 Then it was time for gifts where we surprised her with a get away girls weekend to Las Vegas in May around her real Birthday.  We can't wait!
 After the program her sweet's table was filled with 60 candies representing soemthing about her.
Here is an attempt at a family picture minus the kiddos and Wacy who had to work.  I am hoping others got a better picture than my camera took!

It was an awesome evening to honor a Mother who has done so much for us.  We now understand more than ever that raising seven kids is not easy.  She has done a lot for us.  Love you Mom!